Section ten — Fulfillment, Contentment

Section Ten CONTENTMENT 8:8 - 8:12 Her comments about her own breasts –Does her confidence increase through the Song? Does she feel confident in the relationship? Will ‘boarding up’ the young girls work? We have a little sister and she has no breasts.  What shall we do to prepare our sister for the day on which she is spoken for?  If … [Read more...]

Section eight — Working Her Plan

Section Eight WORKING HER PLAN 7:11 - 8:5 Is it ok for the girl  to make the first move? Is it ok for her to take the lead in lovemaking/sex? The brother, and mother references – Is she teasing him? What does she mean ‘old and new’ ? Explain why she has mandrakes. Is she repeating the warning that she gave twice before, or is this a … [Read more...]

Section seven — Making Up Continues Alone

Section Seven MAKING UP CONTINUES ALONE  6:13 - 7:10 Dance of the two camps.  What is it? 6:13 Is she doing some kind of movements or dance? - 7:1 What is she wearing – your opinion? Was she trying to excite him? Over the lips and teeth – what does this verse mean? 7:9 The two of them are walking away.  The friends know that they … [Read more...]

Section six — Reconnecting: He Comes Back

Section Six RECONNECTING – HE COMES BACK  6:4 - 12   Think you can explain what he said or which translation is correct? Who are the queens and concubines? Does she understand what he is communicating in 6:11-12? He comes back. You are fair, my darling companion, as Tirzah as lovely as jerusalem, as awe-inspiring as bannered … [Read more...]