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Section twelve — Bonus Section

Section Twelve  Bonus Section Extra Questions Guys, would you like a wife who is this aggressive and confident sexually? Girls, would you be more aggressive or more passive than this girl? Sister/bride – How equal would you want your relationship to be? Would it be worth it to give up some opportunities for sex now to wait and create a … [Read more...]

Section eleven — Still The One

Section Eleven STILL THE ONE  8:13 - 14 Did they live happily ever after? If you  follow the pattern in Song Of Solomon will you live happily ever after? Does this verse show that they are working at making time for each other? Does she still like Sex? You who dwell in the gardens, with close friends listening attentively to your … [Read more...]

Section ten — Fulfillment, Contentment

Section Ten CONTENTMENT 8:8 - 8:12 Her comments about her own breasts –Does her confidence increase through the Song? Does she feel confident in the relationship? Will ‘boarding up’ the young girls work? We have a little sister and she has no breasts.  What shall we do to prepare our sister for the day on which she is spoken for?  If … [Read more...]

Section eight — Working Her Plan

Section Eight WORKING HER PLAN 7:11 - 8:5 Is it ok for the girl  to make the first move? Is it ok for her to take the lead in lovemaking/sex? The brother, and mother references – Is she teasing him? What does she mean ‘old and new’ ? Explain why she has mandrakes. Is she repeating the warning that she gave twice before, or is this a … [Read more...]

Section seven — Making Up Continues Alone

Section Seven MAKING UP CONTINUES ALONE  6:13 - 7:10 Dance of the two camps.  What is it? 6:13 Is she doing some kind of movements or dance? - 7:1 What is she wearing – your opinion? Was she trying to excite him? Over the lips and teeth – what does this verse mean? 7:9 The two of them are walking away.  The friends know that they … [Read more...]

Section six — Reconnecting: He Comes Back

Section Six RECONNECTING – HE COMES BACK  6:4 - 12   Think you can explain what he said or which translation is correct? Who are the queens and concubines? Does she understand what he is communicating in 6:11-12? He comes back. You are fair, my darling companion, as Tirzah as lovely as jerusalem, as awe-inspiring as bannered … [Read more...]

Section five — Help From Friends

Section Five HELP  FROM FRIENDS  5:8 - 6:3 Were the friends helping, or giving her a little pay back? The ivory – is that a reference to his ‘member’ ? In their second question, where did the friends think he had gone? Where did she think he had gone? She continues her story and by the end she is talking to the young women of … [Read more...]

Section four — The Fight

Section Four THE FIGHT  5:2 - 5:7 Why was she upset? Was she trying to avoid having sex? Did he think he had done anything  wrong? Did she think she had done anything wrong? Who was right? How much time elapsed between the wedding night and The Fight?  I don’t see anything that will tell us the length of time, but married couples … [Read more...]

Section three — The Wedding Night

Section Three THE WEDDING NIGHT  3:6 - 5:1 My sister my bride – Is she his sister?  4:9 Have they had sex yet?  Verse 4:15 How about now? Verse 5:1 Who is giving approval?  5:1 Who took the lead in the timing, the pace? Who is this coming from the wilderness like columns of smoke, filled with fragrance of myrrh and frankincense, … [Read more...]