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If you say No, Stop or Wait

If you say No, Stop or Wait, he might say: you are just afraid you just listen to your mother and not yourself just try it this one time I can get out in time -- trust me To start with, if you believe that last one, you better put the home pregnancy test on you shopping list.  He will have plenty of excuses afterward, but don't count … [Read more...]

You probably are afraid to…..

You probably are afraid to: Kiss Hug Be with a real man Experience love Go any farther If the guy is older than you If he has had more experience than you, then he might try this kind of line. There could be some truth in this dumb line.  You might be afraid to Kiss, Hug, be with a  real man (have sex), experience love (have … [Read more...]

Asking you for committment

Give me some kind of sign that you love me if I asked you to marry me what would you say? if I asked you to be my girl friend, would you do it? if I said I love you would that make a difference All tried and true ploys used be guys to get more physical action than they were getting. All of these have worked for guys who had no intention … [Read more...]


I'll spend time with you doing things you want to do. I'll leave her and be with you when ..... I'll take you out and spend money on you when ..... These can sound good. you would like it if it happened. He might actually believe what he is saying. But, does he  follow through?  Does he do what he says he will do? He is saying, … [Read more...]

I’ll pay for you, then you can think of something to do for me

Guys will offer to pay for dinner, a movie, a day at an amusement park, a show -- something that you would like to do, but don't really have the money to do it. That's sound nice.  But start with something really small.  There are plenty of guys who want to pay first and then expect you to do something for them.  You really need to watch out for … [Read more...]

Section twelve — Bonus Section

Section Twelve  Bonus Section Extra Questions Guys, would you like a wife who is this aggressive and confident sexually? Girls, would you be more aggressive or more passive than this girl? Sister/bride – How equal would you want your relationship to be? Would it be worth it to give up some opportunities for sex now to wait and create a … [Read more...]

Section eleven — Still The One

Section Eleven STILL THE ONE  8:13 - 14 Did they live happily ever after? If you  follow the pattern in Song Of Solomon will you live happily ever after? Does this verse show that they are working at making time for each other? Does she still like Sex? You who dwell in the gardens, with close friends listening attentively to your … [Read more...]

Section ten — Fulfillment, Contentment

Section Ten CONTENTMENT 8:8 - 8:12 Her comments about her own breasts –Does her confidence increase through the Song? Does she feel confident in the relationship? Will ‘boarding up’ the young girls work? We have a little sister and she has no breasts.  What shall we do to prepare our sister for the day on which she is spoken for?  If … [Read more...]